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Pardon me while I BURST into flames ...

"Together We Will [not] Fade"

Gazing into the honest mirror
What exactly does she see?
The ugliness through coats of paint
- a perpetual enemy.
Reread his words, Little girl,
For never again will they encompass you.
The obsession came, the obsession went...

...her love and hatred GREW...


I suppose a brief explanation is necessary for one to fully understand what s/he has read.

First of all, He had earlier written me a poem entitled "Together We Will Fade."
I obviously altered that title to the present, slightly more-bitter one.

Secondly, one must also take into consideration that this poem was written after I had shuffled through the infamous "Kevin box" reading the poetry he had written me.

Little girl - an odd little nickname that I had come to be referred to as.


I really need to stop this.
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