Sara (saranoh) wrote in hidden_clarity,

one, two poems are finished today!

This first poem doesn't really need much of an explanation-

Letting Go?
I said that I'd let go
And pass you from my mind
But it's not quite so simple
To leave it all behind

Every hour of every day
Is bound so tightly to my heart
The same heart that once loved you
Now lies bleeding and broke apart

Nothing can cure the pain
That burns inside of me
And no one will I ever love
The way I did love thee

I loved you with all I had
With heart and soul and hand
I made you the Keeper of my dreams
Dreams that left like sieve and sand

They say that Time heals
The wounds of love's despair
But the scars remain as testimony
To the thorns that love can bear

This next one is kinda odd. I like the first stanza a lot,, but the second just didn't work out as well. I may make change it still, but I figured I would put up here what I have now. And as of now it has no title-

A thousand silver shards scattered on the floor
Once were a mirror but a mirror they are no more
A thousand times a thousand days of tormenting me
Someone staring back at someone I could not see

Shivering underneath the shadows of daydreams
Nothing substantial to pull me from my slipstreams
This fickle folly I am ensnared in called existence
Living in a life for which I procure no pretense
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