the Belle of New Orleans (gwynne) wrote in hidden_clarity,
the Belle of New Orleans

A few more...

+floating in this...+

sometimes I wish I wasn't so alone
feeling vulnerable behind my walls
paranoid and scared to let them down

at times I wish my mind would pick an age
5 & 60... let me live the years between
at least give me the chance to try

there are things I want to say to him & her & you
half the time I lock them up for fear
when I see you the courage kind of seeps away

now here I am stuck in the middle
not quite sure of the directions
with too much pride to ask

you promised you'd always be by my side
acid lies eating away at what's left of the memories
a phantom friend for a phantom girl

will you ever figure out what love really is?
even though I'm not waiting, I know
the unreliable narrator finally makes some sense.
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