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More prose then poetry, but it is creation either way.

Dear someone,

Things have changed. I won't deny that. One year ago my mind was in a completely different space. Understand that I'm no longer the naive child you came upon, crying over nothing. The little girl with the strange sense of intuition, who knew you so very well. I am not the mildly enlightened porcelain doll who you called your goddess, tattooing it across my arm in swirls of silver paint. I am not a princess. You told me I would be forever beautiful and you lied. Can't you see? Perhaps not. You were always blind to what people truly were. The constellations continue in their yearly pattern, the constant stars. I am not your star. And it's quite possible that I never was. Inconstant, ungrateful, selfish, manipulative. Does that sound like your description of me? You were always so blind. Blind to resentment and love alike. Yes, I have changed. I was simply a girl. I am simply a woman.

With all my ambiguity,
Your no one.
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