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Just another poet

Hi my names Anya and I just joined this community. I spend much of my past times writing poetry, fiction and proses wheather they be poetic or philosophical. {I promise I'll post my poetic ones only}.

So here goes, a prose and a few poems I've written in the last week.

As I stare at the ceiling what do you see angel of mine? A slender girl, not quite short enough to be called petite anymore but not quite tall enough average height either. Other girls her age complain about being too fat but this girl complains most silently about being too thin. No feminine curves or well rounded breasts for her just a skinny girl of sixteen.

Staring, staring, staring with those round dark blue eyes. Eyes that when the sunlight hits them they sparkle like the ocean with thoughts, hopes and dreams. Her skin is a pale shade of white, easily sunburnt and arms covered in countless freckles that this girl easily despises.

Her face is small to say the least, oval in shape with dainty, light rose lips and a nose that seems too large for such a small face. Hair of shaded brown falls above her shoulders, layered lightly by skilled hairdressers who long ago cut her long locks of hair.

This girl is a little over emotional at times perhaps because every emotion she feels she feels with passion. A loyal friend yet not one easily made this girl has been scarred before and is not one to easily trusts others. She is quiet at times, thoughtful and kind to those who deserve such a gift. Although she may appear passive at first this girl will rouse herself to fight for a just cause and does not always forgive easily. At other times she seemingly happy, bursting with odd humour which dies down to sarcasm depending on her mood. Such moods never last long forsake her mood swings.

This girl writes to escape from her harsh reality, to express her every feeling and make dream like fantasies come to life. She writes about what she see’s in the world, she writes about her views, she writes to make justice and to right the wrongs of this world today.

So angel of mine what do you see? Am I beautiful, am I just, will I make all my dreams come true? Will I change the world or just a person, am I plain or beautiful? Questions my angel, so many questions?

A reflection of me

You wander the land broken and alone
Your tears only a whisper of your pain
You find a friend only for lady fate to rip them away again
And as your tears fall they stain

Your tears stain the ground crimson
Not white, not blue, not gold
Crimson from the unspoken wounds that won’t seem to bleed
From harsh words and hateful memories never told

Stare up at the round, full moon
So lonely in the ebony sky
Look down at the smooth ocean water
And a see a reflection of me

Paint me with black wings

The world seems to be out of season
With my every emotion I seem to feel
My every thought just seems too different
For today’s society to deal

So they look at the sad little girl
Who has such opinions and different ideas
And paint me with black wings
Instead of trying to understand
Exactly who I am

Just smile fallen angel, it’ll brighten up your day
That’s the only thing they seem to want to say
They seem to think I’m too hard on the world
This girl is just too hard to understand
Exactly who I am

So tease me now
Don’t understand
Hurt me, leave me, and run away
What ever you have done in the past
Just paint me with black wings
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